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Implants • Orthodontics • Crowns & Bridges

Professional Dental Care in Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA

Welcome to Boston Dental Group

At Boston Dental Group, our team of skilled professionals aims to offer you exceptional dental care that is both welcoming and accommodating. With his impressive training at top-ranked universities across the country, Mira Mesa Dentist, Dr. Shin Ahn, is well-equipped to provide high-quality treatments across a broad range of specialties. We are conveniently located in San Diego, serving patients throughout San Diego County.


Although tooth loss has greatly subsided in recent years, it is still a very common occurrence. On average by the age of 50, it is estimated that most Americans have lost 12 teeth. By the age of 70, 26 percent of Americans have lost all their teeth. The good news is that modern dentistry can replace an entire tooth from root to crown with implant-supported restorations.


At Boston Dental Group, Dr. Shin Ahn and his team are committed to providing innovative orthodontic treatment solutions to patients and their families throughout Mira Mesa and the greater San Diego region. We have the skill and experience to properly diagnose, address, and craft personalized treatment plans for complications of the jaw, face, and bite.

Crowns and Bridges

Often placed on teeth with severe damage or after root canal therapy, crowns cap teeth with lustrous porcelain, providing dental protection and a lifelike shine. The full function of a tooth can resume after placement of a porcelain crown. Used to permanently treat tooth loss of one or more teeth, bridges are lifelike prosthetic teeth cemented onto adjacent teeth.


Dr. Shin Ahn

Dr. Shin Ahn grew up with a passion for helping people, which led him to pursue a career in dentistry. Dr. Ahn attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine on scholarship to obtain his DMD degree. Dr. Ahn pursued advanced training in Prosthodontics at USC after obtaining his DMD.

Keeping Patients Smiling In Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA ​


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Tasnim Khanam.

Excellent and honest services by Doctor Ahn. Really impressed by his precision and quality of services.
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Rebecca Armendariz.

I just moved to San Diego and was looking for a dentist and found Dr. Ahn based on his reviews and I can attest that they are all legit. Boston Dental staff is wonderful, friendly and professional and Dr. Ahn is excellent dentist and gave me the most thorough dental assessment I have ever had. He will only do what is needed for your dental health and does not try to push procedures (like other dentists) that you don't need. He is honest and a great dentist and his office is extremely clean and safe. He uses the "gentle dental" method and I never felt any shots or pain when working on my teeth. I love him and his staff!
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Ris Burtonski.

After going thru five other dentists in San Diego; he is definitely the best of the bunch. I got better tips on everything, including exactly how to floss. He is the best.
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Kim Hong Bok.

우리 내외가 10여년 다니는 병원입니다 처음부터 지금까지 변함없는 우리의 치과진료에 최선을 다하시고 계시는 닥터 안 선생님을비롯 원무행정을 비롯 간호사들의 정성어린 배려에 다시한번 감사를 드립니다 그동안 임플란트를 비롯한 치과 치료등으로 건강한 치아로 지금까지 건강한 삶을 유지하고 있음은 환자를 지극히 사랑하여 자신의몸 처럼 생각하여 정성껏 진료하여 주신 덕택입니다 닥터안 선생님은 "히포크라테스" 선서의 증인 이상의 훌륭하신 의사임이 분명합니다 보스턴치과의 무궁한발전을 기원합니다 감사합니다
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Ahmad Leylani.

I lived in San Diego since 1990's and I met Dr. Ahn to work with dental work as well with my family and friends that I always recommended Dr. Ahn for all of the above dental work. Back in 2015 I was given an opportunity to join senior director management at Stanford University, therefore I moved to the bay area. Since I moved from San Diego back in 2015 I made arrangements with Dr. Ahn with my family too to keep Boston Dental my physician of all dental work.

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