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Cleanings & Prevention

Cleanings and Prevention in Mira Mesa, San Diego

When you team up with your dental professional by faithfully practicing good oral health habits at home and regularly visiting your dentist for exams and cleanings, you can keep your dental health in optimal condition.

Dr. Shin Ahn wants to be your partner in oral health. At Boston Dental Group, he provides the comprehensive exams and intensive cleanings you need for a strong foundation of dental well-being. Serving people throughout Mira Mesa and San Diego county, Dr. Ahn provides outstanding preventive care. 

Prevention Begins with Oral Health Education

A key component of oral health care is education both in how to care for teeth and why dental hygiene is important. Boston Dental Group sets aside time to explain strategic techniques in brushing and flossing and how harmful bacteria cause tooth decay and gum disease. By increasing the knowledge of our patients, we can help them avoid complex dental procedures, so they retain their smiles for many years.  

Comprehensive Dental Exams to Maintain Oral Health

In addition to education, Dr. Ahn examines teeth using digital x-rays and intraoral cameras. These powerful images allow the dentist to address dental issues while still in their infancy. Early treatment can prevent problems from escalating into major threats to your dental well-being. 

Digital images can also be conveniently shared on a computer screen, so you see for your issues of concern. By keeping patients informed, we empower them to participate in choosing treatment options that best suit their goals and budgets.   

Dental Hygiene to Rejuvenate Smiles 

Dental hygiene appointments are also an essential part of preventive dental care. Ideally, bi-annual visits with a hygienist are recommended to keep smiles bright and healthy. Even with concerted efforts in at home oral care, there are areas in the mouth that can only be reached with professional tools. 

Meticulous cleanings remove bacteria, plaque, and stubborn tartar from teeth. Hygienic visits include fluoride treatments, which re-mineralize dental enamel to prevent decay. Teeth are also polished with a mild abrasive to lift stains and eliminate surface debris. 

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Give the dental office of Dr. Shin Ahn a call today! He is your ally in maintaining oral health and preventing the progress of harmful dental conditions. Located in Mira Mesa, Boston Dental Group caters to diverse people.

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