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Orthodontic Treatment in Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA

At Boston Dental Group, our top priority is to offer innovative orthodontic treatment solutions to patients and families in Mira Mesa and the greater San Diego region. Led by Dr. Shin Ahn, our experienced team is dedicated to diagnosing and crafting personalized treatment plans for jaw, face, and bite complications. Whether you require minor dental misalignment correction or more complex orthodontic intervention, we have the expertise to deliver lasting smile uniformity and beauty.

Orthodontic treatment encompasses much more than just achieving dental aesthetics. With advancements in treatments and technologies, patients now have a wide range of options for attaining straighter teeth.

Your Orthodontic Solutions from Shin Ahn, DMD

Traditional metal braces remain a popular choice for orthodontic treatment due to their reliability in addressing minor to complex malocclusion and occlusal issues. At Boston Dental Group, we offer an innovative and aesthetically-focused approach to conventional braces by providing both micro and ceramic braces.

Micro braces, also known as mini-braces, use the same technology as traditional braces, featuring metal brackets attached to the front of your teeth and metal archwires gradually shifting teeth into position. The primary difference lies in their size, as micro braces are approximately 30 percent smaller than traditional ones. Despite their smaller size, they maintain the strength of larger counterparts through the use of a stronger grade of stainless steel. Mini braces are significantly less noticeable and easier to clean, resulting in less discomfort to the surrounding structures in your mouth.

Ceramic braces, known as aesthetic braces, offer the same benefits as traditional braces without the prominent appearance of metal components. Combining strength and aesthetics, ceramic braces feature enamel-colored, translucent brackets and wires to match the shade of natural enamel. Popular among both teens and adults, ceramic braces provide confident smiles while addressing specific orthodontic needs.

What You Can Expect from Your Orthodontic Treatment at Boston Dental Group

During your visit, we begin by planning your personalized treatment, including evaluating your medical and dental history, taking impressions of your teeth, and capturing detailed x-rays and photographs of your face and mouth. Dr. Ahn then designs your custom braces.

Throughout your treatment, our team monitors its progress, making necessary adjustments or modifications to your appliances. Upon completion, Dr. Ahn provides a retainer to maintain your teeth in their proper position, minimizing the risk of orthodontic relapse.

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