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Orthodontic Treatment in Mira Mesa

At Boston Dental Group, Dr. Shin Ahn and his team are committed to providing innovative orthodontic treatment solutions to patients and their families throughout Mira Mesa and the greater San Diego region. We have the skill and experience to properly diagnose, address, and craft personalized treatment plans for complications of the jaw, face, and bite. Whether you are looking to address minor dental misalignment or require more complex orthodontic intervention, our team of experts can help you achieve long-lasting smile uniformity and beauty. 

Orthodontic treatment goes far beyond achieving the dental aesthetics you deserve. With its ever-improving treatments and technologies, patients now have more options than ever for achieving straighter teeth.

Your Orthodontic Solutions from Shin Ahn, DMD

Traditional metal braces are still the most popular choice for orthodontic treatment as they are a reliable solution for addressing minor to complex malocclusion and occlusal issues. At Boston Dental Group, we proudly offer an innovative and aesthetically-focused approach to conventional braces as we offer both micro and ceramic braces.

Micro braces, also known as mini-braces, utilize the same technology as their traditional counterparts, which involves metal brackets that are attached to the front of your teeth and metal archwires attached to the brackets that gradually move teeth into proper position. The primary difference is its size. Micro braces are about 30 percent smaller than traditional metal braces. Another notable difference is that these miniature braces utilize a stronger grade of stainless steel than their larger counterparts, so Dr. Ahn won’t sacrifice strength for size. Mini braces are substantially less noticeable than traditional metal braces and are easier to keep clean. The smaller size also means less discomfort to the surrounding structures and tissues inside your mouth. 

Ceramic braces, known as aesthetic braces, feature the same basic properties of traditional braces without the noticeable workings of its metal components. Combining both strength and aesthetics, ceramic braces feature enamel-colored, translucent brackets and wires designed to match the exact shade of natural enamel. A popular choice for both our teens and adult patients, ceramic braces help you smile with confidence while addressing your specific orthodontic needs. 

What You Can Expect from Your Orthodontic Treatment at Boston Dental Group

During your visit, we first work with you to plan your personalized treatments. The planning process will include an evaluation of your medical and dental history, impressions are taken of your teeth, and detailed x-rays and photographs of your face and mouth. Dr. Ahn then designs your custom braces. 

Once your braces have been placed, our team evaluates the progression of your treatment, allowing us to make any necessary adjustments or modifications to your appliances. When it comes time for your braces to be removed, Dr. Ahn will fit and provide your retainer to ensure teeth stay in the proper position, reducing the changes of orthodontic relapse. 

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